what’s sumner eating #3: peach plum crisp

This past week was a bit rough around here. After an entire month of not needing to use his g-tube, Sumner decided that solid foods are okay and that formula is not okay. He also completely changed his sleep routine. Needless to say, this mama and daddy are exhausted. Our CSA sent the most beautifulContinue reading “what’s sumner eating #3: peach plum crisp”

what’s sumner eating #2: pear walnut crumble

I never thought I’d be the kind of mom who makes her own baby food, but here we are. Every week we have 16 jars of baby food delivered from Yumi. I love that it’s 100 percent organic and freshly made each week. I also like that it inspires me to experiment with strong flavorsContinue reading “what’s sumner eating #2: pear walnut crumble”

what’s sumner eating #1: cantaloupe creamsicle

A little over three weeks ago, sweet baby boy decided that he was ready to eat solids. It was a HUGE surprise since we had been working on trying and playing in solids for the last six months with very little success. We even took about six weeks off from trying to give his coreContinue reading “what’s sumner eating #1: cantaloupe creamsicle”