jello sensory play

I have a love-hate relationship with sensory bins and play. No matter what, it seems like an epic mess for me to clean up is the end result. That being said, wee try to do at least one messy sensory activity per week to help Sumner work on his occupational therapy goals. Sumner, like me,Continue reading “jello sensory play”

making it to eating completely by mouth…the first time: a feeding aversion journey

If I’m being completely honest — and I usually am — the first few months of having Sumner home were some of the toughest months of my life. I still don’t know how we all managed to survive. Sumner was discharged from the NICU after a 152 days. He was exactly 5 months old, butContinue reading “making it to eating completely by mouth…the first time: a feeding aversion journey”

using our bedtime routine to teach gratitude

A few of years ago when we were still toying with the idea of adoption, Justin and I offered to babysit our good friend’s three kids. In hindsight, we were insane. We also know why these friends immediately jumped at the opportunity for a kid-free night. The week before the appointed day, we headed overContinue reading “using our bedtime routine to teach gratitude”

gardening thoughts #4: aggressively prune

My general gardening philosophy is simple: They’re plants. They will figure it out. However, one of my take aways from my 2020 garden adventure was that while they will figure it out, sometimes plants need a little bit of help. Prior to the start of the growing season, I had ordered my tomato plants fromContinue reading “gardening thoughts #4: aggressively prune”

September is Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month

In addition to September being NICU awareness month, it is also thyroid cancer awareness month. Two really big issues for our family slammed into a single month. Justin and I don’t do anything small. Most recently, we closed on our house and were matched with a baby in the same month. For the record, IContinue reading “September is Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month”

what’s sumner eating #2: pear walnut crumble

I never thought I’d be the kind of mom who makes her own baby food, but here we are. Every week we have 16 jars of baby food delivered from Yumi. I love that it’s 100 percent organic and freshly made each week. I also like that it inspires me to experiment with strong flavorsContinue reading “what’s sumner eating #2: pear walnut crumble”

dreaming of fall

Even though the first day of fall isn’t until September 22, I’m already dreaming and planning for it. The days have become slightly cooler and slightly shorter. Although, we’re still on track to have many more 90+ degree days. This will be Sumner’s first fall at home and out of the NICU. It’s also ourContinue reading “dreaming of fall”