September is NICU Awareness Month

Our NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) story is pretty atypical. Imagine being so happy to be somewhere that most people are terrified of. That pretty much sums up how we felt most days. We got the call that we had been chosen to be the parents of the most perfect human on August 7th, 2019Continue reading “September is NICU Awareness Month”

gardening thoughts #2: streamline watering

This year I learned that I need to take water management more seriously in the garden. I naively thought that I would be able to easily manage 18 square feet of garden with my manual hose. While that worked well initially, once my plants were established and the temperature in the 90s for most ofContinue reading “gardening thoughts #2: streamline watering”

dreaming of fall

Even though the first day of fall isn’t until September 22, I’m already dreaming and planning for it. The days have become slightly cooler and slightly shorter. Although, we’re still on track to have many more 90+ degree days. This will be Sumner’s first fall at home and out of the NICU. It’s also ourContinue reading “dreaming of fall”

what’s sumner eating #1: cantaloupe creamsicle

A little over three weeks ago, sweet baby boy decided that he was ready to eat solids. It was a HUGE surprise since we had been working on trying and playing in solids for the last six months with very little success. We even took about six weeks off from trying to give his coreContinue reading “what’s sumner eating #1: cantaloupe creamsicle”

gardening thoughts #1: you can’t have just one raised bed

Welcome to the first of many posts about my garden ponderings. These are meant to be short takes on the things that I’m learning from gardening. Some of them may be practical for you and others might be funny takes one what I’m seeing. I have a confession to make. Raised garden beds are addictive.Continue reading “gardening thoughts #1: you can’t have just one raised bed”