yumi vs little spoon: the perspective of a mom of a kid with feeding issues

I’m taking a break this week from the “What’s Sumner Eating” posts to talk about the baby food subscriptions that make up most of his meals. I’ll be back to making more of his food when my fridge isn’t overflowing with tiny tubs! While I would love to be the kind of mom who makesContinue reading “yumi vs little spoon: the perspective of a mom of a kid with feeding issues”

what’s sumner eating #8: mango banana

This was an easy week for us appointment-wise with only a physical therapy appointment. Unfortunately, Sumner decided that it would be a good week to have another tooth come in on the bottom. He was a cranky boy in need of lots of cuddles. At any rate, on to Sumner’s recipe for the week. IContinue reading “what’s sumner eating #8: mango banana”

our adoption story #2: choosing an agency

This is the second post in our adoption story. If you want to know more about why we chose adoption as our way to expand our family, read part 1 here. One of the most important decisions you can make in the adoption process is about which agency to use. Justin and I knew that weContinue reading “our adoption story #2: choosing an agency”

gardening thoughts #8: good-bye 2020 garden

The summer growing season is officially over as I spent the majority of the weekend clearing out my summer raised garden beds to make room for next spring’s garlic. My last harvest included jalapeños, a few green bell peppers, four HUGE zucchini, and about 10 pounds of tomatoes that I’ll ripen indoors. I decided toContinue reading “gardening thoughts #8: good-bye 2020 garden”

what’s sumner eating #7: beet spinach smoothie

Sumner had a really good week. We had our usual physical therapy and speech therapy appointments. It’s always nice around here when our appointments are minimal since we all do best when we stick to some semblance of a routine. Physical therapy was mostly me chasing Sumner around with a camera. He’s become hyper-mobile andContinue reading “what’s sumner eating #7: beet spinach smoothie”

decorating our front patio for fall

Fall is my favorite season. I love going for morning walks in the crisp air with a scarf and a hot beverage — usually tea, but I don’t judge if you’re into pumpkin spice lattes. With fall comes the changing of the leaves and other visible signs that the season is changing. We get coolerContinue reading “decorating our front patio for fall”

gardening thoughts #7: don’t bite off more than you can chew

My neighbor tries so hard in her front yard. I think she feels a little pressure from being sandwiched between me with my edible garden dreams and our neighbors in the end unit with the perfect flowers. We had the funniest conversation a few weeks ago that I keep going back to in my head:Continue reading “gardening thoughts #7: don’t bite off more than you can chew”

what’s sumner eating #6: kiwi apple kale smoothie

It was another busy week for Sumner’s medical team. We saw his regular pediatrician for his 15 month well-baby appointment and had his third swallow study. Sumner was a real trooper through it all. The well-baby appointment went as expected. I cannot believe that our little boy is already 15 months. When grandma was hereContinue reading “what’s sumner eating #6: kiwi apple kale smoothie”

organizing our medical supplies

We’re minimalists and zero-wasters at heart, but when you have a kiddo with a feeding tube you end up relaxing a bit in both of these areas due to the overwhelming amount of supplies that you get on a regular basis and accumulate over time. As time has gone on and Sumner has not neededContinue reading “organizing our medical supplies”

gardening thoughts #6: don’t be afraid to stake and cage

Perhaps the biggest lesson that my garden taught me this year is to not be afraid of staking and caging my plants. My 2020 garden has been a hot mess of unruly plants, particularly the bed that had the zucchini, cucumber, and two tomato plants that I didn’t think would make it. While I didContinue reading “gardening thoughts #6: don’t be afraid to stake and cage”