behind the photo #1: crocheted afghan

My “behind the photo” series is the story behind my non-kid photos. I find that I spend lots of time talking and thinking about Sumner — and I’m sure most moms do this — and need to force myself back into some of my pre-kid hobbies that bring me joy too. I’ve been working onContinue reading “behind the photo #1: crocheted afghan”

deciding to get a g-tube: a feeding aversion journey

**This post is coming out the day before we have Sumner’s g-tube surgically removed. It’s been a whirlwind of a year!** One of the last things that a new parent wants to hear is that their child needs a surgery to install a gastrostomy tube (g-tube). But there we were, well over 100 days intoContinue reading “deciding to get a g-tube: a feeding aversion journey”

our adoption story #5: being matched with a baby

So, here I am on a regular Friday afternoon in our dinky apartment kitchen making a lunch of cheesy grits and fried eggs for me and Justin when the phone rang. I checked the caller id to see if it was worth answering and hope that it isn’t since this is a time sensitive mealContinue reading “our adoption story #5: being matched with a baby”

using our bedtime routine to teach gratitude

A few of years ago when we were still toying with the idea of adoption, Justin and I offered to babysit our good friend’s three kids. In hindsight, we were insane. We also know why these friends immediately jumped at the opportunity for a kid-free night. The week before the appointed day, we headed overContinue reading “using our bedtime routine to teach gratitude”

our adoption story #4: waiting to be matched

Once our home study was approved in October 2018, we entered the domestic infant adoption pool with 50 other waiting families. Some families had been waiting for upwards of five years and others, like us, were brand new to the pool. The average wait time to be matched with an expectant mom is 28 months. Knowing that we most likely had a coupleContinue reading “our adoption story #4: waiting to be matched”

what’s sumner eating #9: spiced pears with cranberry sauce

The last couple of weeks have been pretty quiet around here for Sumner. We’ve only had our weekly physical therapy session and bi-monthly speech therapy session. Sumner continues to make excellent progress in building up his mobility skills. We’ve started working on crawling up the stairs and creating bigger obstacle courses with the floor pillowsContinue reading “what’s sumner eating #9: spiced pears with cranberry sauce”

our adoption story #3: the home study process

This is the third installment of our adoption story. You can read part 1 about our decision to adopt and part 2 about how we decided on an adoption agency here and here. In today’s post, I’m discussing the application and home study process. These were the two most involved and nerve-wracking parts of the process. When youContinue reading “our adoption story #3: the home study process”

crockpot caramelized onions

Justin and I are typically really good about checking the grocery list before buying things, but sometimes we make happy accidents. Last week, we had “bag of onions” on the grocery list. I didn’t realize that Justin had picked up onions from the store during his trip to the pharmacy when I was placing ourContinue reading “crockpot caramelized onions”

celebrating our son’s heritage: day of the dead

While Halloween was a big tradition in our family prior to Sumner joining us, we decided to add the Day of the Dead to our traditions last year to help Sumner celebrate his heritage and ancestors. We were still in the NICU for last year’s celebrations and we kept things pretty low-key. We watched CocoContinue reading “celebrating our son’s heritage: day of the dead”