behind the photo #1: crocheted afghan

My “behind the photo” series is the story behind my non-kid photos. I find that I spend lots of time talking and thinking about Sumner — and I’m sure most moms do this — and need to force myself back into some of my pre-kid hobbies that bring me joy too.

I’ve been working on this afghan on and off since we moved to Denver — almost three years ago! It’s funny how time for hobbies goes to the wayside when you have a little one, but this isn’t about him…

This afghan is for my nephew, Robin. His mom and I have been friends for the last 27 (!) years. We met in fourth grade and have been inseparable ever since. I was present for the birth of both of her kids. Unfortunately, due to Coronavirus, she hasn’t meet my son yet. We hope to remedy that soon.

As far as 10 year olds are concerned, Robin is one of my favorite people. Even with 1200 miles and months between visits, he’s always quick to run and hug me. He’s the kind of kid who thrives on snuggly contact. Being around him is like being hugged all the time.

Our last conversation went hilariously. I had asked him what his favorite part of pizza is— the crust, sauce, cheese, or toppings. We ended up having a debate about whether something can be even called a pizza if one of those was missing. He was in the no camp, but I reminded him that I can’t eat dairy and he amended his position. Smart kid!

When I gave his sister her blanket, I could tell that Robin was a little disappointed that I didn’t have one for him. I didn’t have a reason for doing her blanket first, I just happened to have started her’s first. Both of their blankets are made from the leftover yarn from other projects. Her blanket is much more of a hodgepodge than his. When I set out to do his, I wanted to make sure that it had a pattern to it. That meant making sure that I had enough yarn of each color to complete the task. Not an easy feat when you also don’t want to buy more yarn.

I’ve been using nap time to make steady progress and only have to the border left to finish. I’m planning on mailing both blankets back together as a surprise for him. Robin knows that I have his sister’s blanket right now for repairs. I think he’ll be stoked to have one of his own.

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