gardening thoughts #8: good-bye 2020 garden

The summer growing season is officially over as I spent the majority of the weekend clearing out my summer raised garden beds to make room for next spring’s garlic. My last harvest included jalapeños, a few green bell peppers, four HUGE zucchini, and about 10 pounds of tomatoes that I’ll ripen indoors. I decided to go ahead and do the clean up now since we’re having overnight temperatures win the 20s starting this Thursday. Fall weather is finally here!

My first year gardening at the new house was successful. (I did have a few challenges, but today I’m focusing on what went well.) All of my plants produced something and, at times, I had more than I could handle… looking at you zucchini plants. I was able to can quite a bit of tomato sauce and jalapeño jelly that will get us through until next year.

I think my favorite part of the garden was the joy it seemed to bring to my neighbors. We have a lot of foot traffic as most of our neighbors use our street to get to the community pool and playground. I enjoyed seeing people stop to admire my plants. I also enjoyed the random conversations that I got to have about how my garden was doing and what I was growing. I might be known as “that crazy gardening lady,” but it doesn’t bother me at all.

I’m looking forward to doing it again next year. It’ll be fun to implement what I’ve learned this time and enjoy the outdoor season to it’s fullest.

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