what’s sumner eating #7: beet spinach smoothie

Sumner had a really good week. We had our usual physical therapy and speech therapy appointments. It’s always nice around here when our appointments are minimal since we all do best when we stick to some semblance of a routine.

Physical therapy was mostly me chasing Sumner around with a camera. He’s become hyper-mobile and doesn’t want to stay put at all, much to the joy of our PT. However, it does make for chaotic sessions. He’s very close to graduating from combat crawling to tall arms crawling. He’s always had trouble with his arm strength, so this is a huge development. I’m guessing he’ll have it mastered by the end of the month. In the meantime, he’s started to push into downward facing dog and planking for fun.

Speech therapy went as usual. We’re in a holding pattern until Sumner decides to start using his cup. At this point, he hasn’t used his g-tube in over 60 days and our SLP is amazed by the progress that he’s made in the last two months. The thing we have to remember is that his eating age matches his mobility age of 6-8 months. While we start introducing cups at 6 months for typical kids, we don’t expect them to have any proficiency with them until closer to a year. This means that it could be another six months before we start seeing real progress here.

At any rate, on to Sumner’s recipe for the week. Justin and I decided to do a bit of a pantry and freezer clean-out this week. We do these from time to time to help keep our grocery bill in check and to make sure that we’re actually eating the food that we buy. Part our freezer stockpile contains extra baby food from when Sumner wasn’t going through all of his weekly shipments. I decided to use some of it for beet spinach smoothies for some of Sumner’s lunches this week. With his three meals and two snacks per day, supplementing our Yumi delivery with homemade food is helping us to keep our budget in check.


  • 118 mL beets
  • 118 mL spinach
  • 90 g banana
  • 138 g avocado
  • 7 g walnut butter (optional)
  • 161 mL coconut milk


  1. Place all of the ingredients into a blender and process until smooth.
  2. Evenly portion into five containers and refrigerate.


  • Sumner is over a year old and we add nut butters to his diet to help with allergen exposure and easily add calories and protein.
  • The beets and spinach in this recipe came from Yumi. When Sumner wasn’t eating as much, I would put the extra jars in the freezer. We’re working through that backlog now that he’s eating more. You could make or buy your own purées for this recipe.
  • This recipe looks oddly like chocolate pudding.
  • Each serving is approximately 128 calories.

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