decorating our front patio for fall

Fall is my favorite season. I love going for morning walks in the crisp air with a scarf and a hot beverage — usually tea, but I don’t judge if you’re into pumpkin spice lattes. With fall comes the changing of the leaves and other visible signs that the season is changing.

We get cooler temperatures and some respite from the oppressively hot days. With the autumnal equinox, the days start getting a little shorter every day. It simply feels like a slower, more meditative time to me.

Last fall was our first season in the new house. However, I didn’t do much to mark the season, other than hanging my wreath, because Sumner was still in the NICU. I spent every day making a 1.5 hour drive one-way to see him and, as you can imagine, didn’t have much time to contemplate decor or make the effort for it.

This year, I opted for decor that could be consumed later on. I wanted to keep things fairly low-key while still celebrating the season. I also didn’t want to have much to store. I landed on doing a combination of a new door hanger, pumpkins, and bales of hay.

I have big plans for the pumpkins. I’ll be making and freezing pumpkin purée from them. I recently learned that it is no longer considered safe to can puréed pumpkin or other squash. Instead, I’ll freeze it for use inn pumpkin soup, pumpkin pie, and pumpkin rolls. Let’s just say that Justin is very excited for what’s coming. I’ll start the process of pureeing the pumpkins after Halloween. Since we have six rather large pumpkins, I have a feeling that it’ll take me at least two weekends to get through all of it.

As for the bales of hay, I’ll use those to insulate my garden beds during the winter. I’m planting garlic by the end of the month and it’ll need a little protection in order to make it to spring for harvest.

What are your zero- or low-waste decor tips?

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