dreaming of fall

Even though the first day of fall isn’t until September 22, I’m already dreaming and planning for it. The days have become slightly cooler and slightly shorter. Although, we’re still on track to have many more 90+ degree days.

This will be Sumner’s first fall at home and out of the NICU. It’s also our first fall in the new house since I spent so much time driving back and forth to the hospital last year that I didn’t have a chance to do anything special to mark the season other than hanging up our fall wreath.

the decor

With the cooler fall weather, I tend to enjoy being outside more. Our front porch is great for visiting with neighbors and the back patio is a nice respite. This year I plan on relocating our wreath to the garage door. It’ll be a nice spot for it on our back patio. I got a new wreath for the front door and will be updating the patio furniture with pillows, an outdoor rug, and maybe some candles. (More to come on the patio refresh soon!)

I’m feeling a bit stymied on the interior of the house. I think I just need to sit down and commit to something. Some of the issue is that my living room is mostly a baby play area and our basement media room isn’t ready yet for daily use. It feels like parts of the house are in a state of flux.

I did buy some super cute garland for the living room windows and will put out our teal pumpkins. Otherwise, I’m waiting for inspiration to strike.

our fall activities

My mom is coming for a visit at the end of the month. It’ll be the first time that she’s seen Sumner since the beginning of the pandemic. While FaceTime is nice, sometimes what you need is real grandma cuddles. While she’s here, I think we’ll plan to visit the Rocky Mountain Arsenal for the drive through tour and Chatfield Farms for the corn maze.

Our farmer’s market will continue until October 11th. Now that it’s cool enough to have Sumner outside during the day, we’ll probably start going every Sunday morning. The farmer’s market was something that we enjoyed quite a bit before becoming a family of three and it’s an activity that I would like to start up again.

Otherwise, we’re in the midst of planning our Halloween festivities for this year. We’re planning to celebrate with a couple of friends who also adopted their kiddos this year. All three of our kids are within six months of each other. It’s nice that they’ll be able to grow up together.

I’m not ready to think about Thanksgiving yet. Although, I probably should since it’ll be our first vegetarian Thanksgiving. Last year we ordered our meal from our favorite vegan restaurant, but weren’t super impressed with the “loaf” that was part of the meal. I might be trying my hand at a vegan wellington. Like I said, I should probably get to planning.

What do you do to prepare for fall?

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